David Owens ~ WalesOnline

Lunchtime Listen #12. A daily dose of the best new music from Wales to accompany your sandwich, sausage roll or salad. Little Folk – The Smoke. Excellent new folk-roots single from these expert proponents of elegant Americana.

Swansea Students Media ~ Swansea Fringe

“Another act that really stood out to me was Little Folk. Out of all the acts of that night they probably had the most stage time, being the ones to both open and close the night’s proceedings, and this honour was definitely well deserved. While not being the biggest country music fan myself, I found myself clapping along with all the songs, smiling away, and most importantly enjoying myself to no end. If country music is your thing, then I would highly recommend giving them a look-in.”

NEWMUSICEAR – Andrew Goodwin ~ 4 2 Watch – Up and coming Artists.

They released their debut 4 track E.P. last year entitled, “Litte Folk Volume 1” with a new one scheduled for release early this year. The tracks are bright and breezy and Country tinted to give that “may be sad but feeling positive” vibe that many Country crossover songs have these days.

“Music City” off the E.P. is the most Pop style track with great lyrics, laid back vocals and accomplished musicianship throughout. My favourite track has to be “Eleanor”, it is has an unusual bare bones feel and stop-start backing music before the very catchy chorus. Keep your eyes open for Little Folk as I think they may soon be BIG folk!

ROBSRAWMUSIC.BLOGSPOT – Rob Hurley ~ Introducing Little Folk

For me ‘Working On Me’ epitomises this bands positivity and happiness that they extend to others in their warmth and welcoming attitude.

Track 3 ‘Eleanor’ is my favourite.
It is just a lovely get up and dance,foot tapping,barn roof raising, brilliant track.

I have to say it must be very difficult for an Americana/Country/Folk band to compete in the UK , but I really believe these guys will go from strength to strength…they deserve it……………….If they venture near you, please go, it will be well worth it.

NewSoundWales – Francis Brown

10 New Welsh Acts to See and Hear in 2017 

Americana/country four piece from south Wales who have been gaining a strong live reputation for their good time upbeat performances. The band released their debut EP “Little Folk Volume 1” and with numerous festival appearances already behind them they look set to become a permanent feature of the summer festival season.

TheNationalStudent – Hear This: Little Folk – Music City

Tanyel Gumushan at Birmingham City University –  14th December 2016

With the stresses and worries that come attached to university life, the quick descent into adulthood and responsibility appears to swallow you whole.

It’s easy to forget to sit back, and to remember what’s important and why. Luckily, a quick trip to ‘Music City’ will have you sorted.
This isn’t a place littered with deadlines or 5p carrier bags, it’s instead a place of calamity and cool. Gently crafted by Little Folk, their latest single revolves around a floating, dreamlike melody that delicately embraces the touching male/female harmonies.
With a lemon twist of rustic Americana, the South Wales outfit, throw their heart into their biographical folk-kissed lyricism, ‘please don’t get me wrong, I love the place where I was born’ seeking escapism..
Our very own writer, Lewis Carter, directed the accompanying video. A soft film about friendship… or companionship, it’s a winter warmer.
Carter says: “‘Music City’ was the perfect project for my next collaboration with Kristian Kane at Fine Rolling Media. After a long post-production on our previous film, ‘Campfire Story’, Little Folk’s latest single rejuvenated us creatively and it was a pleasure to write and direct.
“We wish them all the success they deserve with the song!”

BBC Wales Introducing – Bethan Elfyn  ~ Music City.

“I love a bit of country, and that sounds fantastic to me”.

BBC Radio Wales – Frank Hennessy ~ Music City

“Enjoyed that immensely, they’re a very smooth outfit, they’ve got a future”.

BBC Walesonline – David Owen ~ Eleanor.

Another run out for this perfect folk pop tune that has much to do with the fact that I like it, as it does that my daughter is named Eleanor, and it’s her favourite song. Funnily enough.


“A refreshing blend of contemporary and traditional folk styles, this foot-stompingly good quartet write great folk songs that stir both emotionally and physically. A well developed and charismatic band they are sure to go far this year.”


“This little folk band has their sights set on the big time and they definitely have the potential to get there! The tune (Music City) is incredibly catchy and had us singing it for the rest of the day. The lyrics about being proud of their home town of Swansea but dreaming about ‘Music City’ really rung true with us and was perfectly performed, with people even crowding around and clapping at the end.

The American Connection Country Music Show – Brian Clough

Little Folk Band – Working On Me   “It is absolutely ace, it is so infectious Wow!…I think it’s an absolutely great song, great lyrics and I’ve been fascinated by it. I wish them well, for me that’s an absolute belter, I love the original sound they have created” – Brian Clough.

A Musical Priority – Steve Tay

Review of Little Folk debut EP ~ Volume 1.

Little Folk are a four piece family-orientated band from South Wales. Brothers Dewi (lead vocals, bass drum, guitar) and Marc Bowen (banjo) are joined by Dewi’s wife Lucy Hannah Bowen (vocals, tambourine) and family friend Niall Rees (bass). They have been making music under the name Little Folk since 2014 and, in that time, have had their music played by Adam Walton and Chris Corcoran on BBC Radio Wales, Nation Radio and have reached the USA via East Nashville Radio. David Owens (Wales Online) also included Little Folk in his Top 51 Songs of 2015.

Little Folk have recently self-released their debut EP ‘Volume 1’, a four-track EP which will certainly make people stop and take notice. It captures the sound of a band having fun, enjoying the music they record and their tight family unit can be heard within the EP as they clearly know each other’s next move and bounce perfectly off each other. As soon as the opening track ‘Music City’ begins you know you are listening to a band just waiting to be welcomed by the masses. ‘Working On Me’ has a classic country sound that will see this song snuggle up tightly to your heart and inspire many “I’m going to shine like a northern star, I’m going to ring that liberty bell, I’m going to climb to the highest heights”.

‘Eleanor’ continues to prove that we really are in the company of greatness, this is a perfectly arranged song that simply has to be heard while ‘A Night Like This’ ends this debut release in a very fine way, and this is only just the start.

I am sure you love music, otherwise you would not be here. I am also sure you are always looking for something new to indulge yourself in and right now you have my permission to look no further, Little Folk are a band that you are quite simply going to love, love, love.

Steve Tay

Buzz Magazine – OS  ***

Review of Little Folk debut EP ~ Volume 1. (Self Released)

Up for a little bit of country? Swansea – based Little Folk release this Americana inspired debut four – track EP to round off a busy year of gigs and tours. Already picked up by BBC Introducing, this four – piece multi – instrumentalist’s have big things in their sights.

(Music City) and (Eleanor) make for a toe – tapping easy listening. 0S